Music Theory for Instrumentalists & Vocalists w/ Kay Eskenazi

Sundays, 5:00-6:15 pm, beginning September 17

$130.00 advance / $140.00 after September 4
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Learn to think and count like a musician! Become fluent in the language that working musicians use to discuss music! This course offers friendly, patient, clear guidance to deepen your understanding of harmony, develop your ability to read and express rhythms, improve your proficiency on any instrument, and enhance your confidence while playing or singing in a band or song circle.


We'll get down to the nitty-gritty and learn how to apply our theoretical understanding to the practice of making music. In a user-friendly way, this class unveils the numerical infrastructure of chords, chord progressions, and rhythm. Please don't let math-phobia deter you: the subject entails only numbers one through thirteen. No tests; no grades!


Class topics include Scales, Chord Construction, Functional Harmony, Rhythm, and interpreting scores and song charts. Classroom activities include lecture, demonstration, rhythm training exercises, question and answer.


Pre-requisite is a desire to understand Music Theory.


Instructor Bio: Kay Eskenazi creates an inclusive, supportive learning environment, observes students closely, and responds to students' individual challenges. She teaches Music Theory and many styles of Guitar, including Fingerstyle, Pop, Folk, Classic Rock, Jazz, Brazilian, Classical, and Ensemble. Kay helps students develop excellent technique and musicianship skills. She teaches at studios, camps, and colleges throughout the Bay Area.

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