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fiddlekids Previous Instructors and Staff

Bobbi Nikles: fiddlekids founder; fiddlekids director (1998-2011)
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Music lesson website:
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Liz Carroll

Laurie Lewis

Laura Risk

Betsy Branch

Cathie Whitesides

Helen White: JAM is Helen's comprehensive children's program dedicated to the preservation of Appalachian music.

Michael Stadler

fiddlekids dance and art instructors

Erik Hoffman — Dance 2012

Kyla Brooke — Dance

Marcy Overway — Art 1998-2007

Marlene Walters — Art 2008-2011

Local organizations and businesses

Ashkenaz: Ashkenaz is a nationally recognized nonprofit music and culture venue that specializes in live roots music. Children are always welcome and the dance floor is great!.

Bay Area Country Dance Society: Local dance calendar and events.

Croen violins, Award-Winning Violin Maker: Luthier Tom Croen crafts beautiful violins & violas and also sells lovely lower-priced instruments. Bobbi adores her Tom Croen violin, made in 2000. Tom builds and repairs violins in Berkeley, CA.

Ifshin Violins: Full service violin shop in El Cerrito.

Fiddler Magazine: A magazine devoted to traditional fiddle music of all styles.

San Francisco Folk Music Club: Valuable information about Bay Area happenings.

Strings Magazine: A monthly magazine oriented towards classical music, forums, guide to camps.

Fiddle and music camps / Dance and fiddle websites:

Country Dance and Song Society: National dance information.

Lark in the Morning: A one-week celebration of music, song, and dance in an all-ages camp.

The Old-Time Music Home Page: Excellent information and links, run by David Lynch.

Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp: A great sleepaway camp.

Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling: A week-long immersion camp, run by Alasdair Fraiser

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