Beginning Jazz Guitar w/ Kay Eskenazi

Sundays, 6:30-7:45 pm, beginning September 17

$130.00 advance / $140.00 after September 4
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Learn to play beautiful Jazz tunes in this accessible class for intermediate guitarists. Course offers guidance in practical technique, and insight into the theoretical structure of Jazz chords and Jazz chord progressions. Repertoire includes American Jazz standards in Swing, Ballad, and Bossa Nova grooves.


Repertoire and topics vary each semester. Course may be repeated beneficially many times.


Topics include Jazz chord shapes; Jazz grooves and strumming; Jazz cadences; arranging for Jazz guitar; rhythm training; theory of chord construction; chord function analysis; scale-based soloing; fretboard knowledge; and Jazz chart navigation.


Classroom Activities include playing, exercises, demonstration, explanation, dexterity enhancers.


Pre-requisites: Please know how to play fourteen basic chords, and to change them on time; be open to learning a bit of Music Theory; and be willing to improve your rhythm counting skills. Ability to play barre chords and read Guitar Tablature is very helpful, but not required. Course is suitable for nylon, acoustic steel, and electric guitar players.


Instructor is patient, supportive, inclusive, clear, able to show complex moves in accessible bits, and to make theory concrete.


To every class, please bring a pencil, and a nylon or steel string acoustic guitar.


Course Materials Fee of $12 will be collected at first class meeting.


Kay Eskenazi creates an inclusive, supportive learning environment, observes students closely, and responds to students' individual challenges. She teaches Music Theory and many styles of guitar including: Fingerstyle, Pop, Folk, Classic Rock, Jazz, Brazilian, Classical, and Ensemble. Kay helps students develop excellent technique and musicianship skills. She teaches at studios, camps, and colleges throughout the Bay Area.

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