Po' Girl
Sunday, November 22, 2009, 8:00 pm down-hearted blues from a jazz speakeasy collides with poetic urban grit $18.50 advance / $19.50 at doorPurchase tickets online
November 22 8:00 pm

Set to a background of country, folk, pop, gospel, and bluegrass, the beguiling songs of Po' Girl combine the grit of 1920s and 1930s blues women with spiritual insights that are far more contemporary. They call it "urban roots," but whatever label you want to place on it, Po' Girl's bittersweet blend of dreamy arrangements, earthy, hypnotic vocals, back-porch harmonies, and insightful lyrics feeds the listener's hunger for the sustenance of bygone textures and the challenge of meaningful questions, both at the same time. Oh, and they make darned beautiful music, too!

The eastern Canadian group features vocalists, multi-instrumentalists, and writers Allison Russell, Awna Teixeira, Benny Sidelinger, and JJ Jones on a wide array of instruments, from gutbucket bass, accordion, clarinet, and dobro to glockenspiel, piano, and bicycle bells. Tonight they spotlight numbers from their recent CDs, Deer in the Night and Po' Girl Live. Make sure you catch them!

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